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George Henderson and Nancy Larimore - The Big Question

 By George, I don't think people got it! Two George Henderson's and one huge mistake in the family tree??

I am writing about my line: George Henderson (born abt 1785 in Virginia died 1860? PH St. Joseph, Missouri)/ Nancy Larimore....

Here is the information about George Henderson, information that is available on the internet; information that people copy over and over again and we don't know if it is 100% accurate.: (information from: Henderson chronicles; written 1915)


(65) i John Henderson, b ab 1785-6, Va. ; went to Bourbon Co., Ky. 

(66) ii George Henderson, b 1789, Va. ; m Mary, dau Win. Walter 
William and Henrietta Wheeler. Removed to Bourbon Co., 
Ky., with father, in 1789, when less than a year of age ; in- 
herited pioneer spirit and rode horseback to St. Louis, Mo., 
1833, where he was offered the block on which the Planter's 
Hotel now stands, for $25.00 or his pony,, declining, he push- 
ed on to Boonville, but later returned and procured a thous- 
and acres in the heart of the Florisant Valley, near Bridge- 
ton. He also leased 500 acres of the commons for 99 years at 
10c per acre. "
Here is the problem. There is a George Henderson b around 1785-89 in Virginia
(according to an 1880 census for my Stephen H. Henderson it says:
Father's Birthplace: Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
eureka!  An we know all about a George Henderson (1785 – 1860) born in Virginia to a James Henderson (1755 – 1850) who married Prudence Campbell (1757 – 1850).
That bit of information is helpful. But according to the guide above, he married a Mary William and it says that he was born in Borbon Co., Kentucky and then at a young age, he rode horseback to St. Louis, Mo in 1833 offered a block on which the Planter's Hotel now stands.. hrm....
So he was less than a year of age and rode horseback? LOL

Now for the Missouri George:

"George Henderson: Died: 30 June 1862 : Death Place: PH St Joseph, Missouri : Enlistment State: Missouri : Rank: Private : Company : A : Regiment: 1 Mo SM : Box Number: 29 :
Cause of death: Scrofula (p.s. Scrofula is a tuberculous infection of the lymph nodes in the neck. Symptoms: Fevers (rare); Painless swelling of lymph nodes in the neck and elsewhere in body; Sores (ulceration -- rare); Sweats.)"

Another clue about there being another George:
In Florissant, St. Louis County, Missouri:

Cold Water Cemetery

George Henderson, died Mar. 10, 1859, aged 70 yrs. 1 mo. 29 dys. Mary E., wife of George Henderson, died Feb. 24, 1840, aged 28 yrs. 10 mo. 13 dys.

SLGS Marriage Records Vol. 1: George Henderson married Mary Williams, May 19, 1836. Mary was the daughter of William and Henrietha Williams. She was born in Fairfax, Virginia Nov. 13, 1824. The father of George, James Henderson, was a patriot in the Revolutionary War in the Battle of King's Mountain under General Morgan. James rests in an unmarked grave beside his wife Jane (Dawson) who was the daughter of a Revolutionary War soldier. (from the "Reporter" Wedneday, May 29, 1963, page 6, col. 1, by Swanson.)
Very interesting, in the publication for 1915, it states that George Henderson, born in Virginia went to Kentucky, then to Missouri, and back home. Married Mary Williams.

Only one problem. That publication talks about two different George Henderson's.

George Henderson who married Nancy Larimore, 1 Jan 1810 in Grainger, Tennessee, and furthermore, it states that Stephen H. Henderson was born : 1809. Could he be 1. a bastard child so the couple had to get hitched?  Or was Stephen born in 1810 ? Because census records are not always accurate on the birth of people.. from what I have found.

Also another clue. Nancy Larimore's daddy was Hugh Larimore. He did go to Missouri, indicated in a Wil:

Will of Hugh Larimore:
Filed and recorded on 7 February 1848 in Cooper Co. MO
In the name of God, amen.
I, Hugh Larrimore of the county of Cooper and state of Missouri being weak in body though perfect mind and ________ do make and ordain this my last will and testament as follows.

1st. I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Fanny Larrimore all my property real personal or ______ and all ready money which may be on hand at the time of my death. After paying all my just debts to have to have hold and enjoy during her natural life at her death to ____ as follows.
2nd I will unto my daughter Nancy Henderson wife of George Henderson five dollars. 3rd. I will unto my son George K. Larrimore five dollars.
4th At the death of my wife I will the remainder of my estate real personal or m---t unto my son Roland Larrimore and his heirs or ______ to be by him disposed of as he may think proper. Lastly, I constitute and appoint Roland Larrimore my executor of my last will and testament and do hereby disanull and revoke all other wills and testaments or executors whatever heretofore named and do confirm this and no other to be my last will and testimony for witness I have here unto set my hand and have this 8th day of December 184_0(?).
Signed sealed and published and delivered by the said Hugh Larrimore as his last will and testament in his presence and in the presence of us who have subscribed our names.
Attest A. R. Lorgan? Andrew T. Dunlap?
Hugh X Larrimore


So, either George married twice, which prob. did happen Or there are two different George Henderson's. Also, Nancy Henderson was still alive in 1880. So that indicates that George died before 1880, and 1870.

to continue with my quest... until next blog.

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